do you want to be important?


A camera is doing a close up of a female cartoon face. Big red lips. Big hair. Big eyelashes. Big everything, ha! The camera pans out a bit and you can see that this is actually the wing of a plane.

She starts talking. “ I AM A WING!“, she boasts. “The plane doesn’t go anywhere, without me! But WITH me? I take you higher, I can take you to places that you could not go to before! With me, you can see from a higher viewpoint. With me, you can go longer distances, even different countries!”¬†

The camera slowly pans out and you see that the wing, though boastful, is not attached to a plane. The camera rolls back some more and you see this little wing in a hangar all by itself.  Kind of lonely.


Unfortunately, us prophetic folk can be like this wing. Very proud of ourselves and our gifting. Very aware, shall we say of the possibilities of our capabilities, that is part our job after all.

Guess what?

You are useless if you are not attached.

I am not talking about attending a Sunday morning service although often that is where you CAN connect with other believers.


The body is built up by that which every joint supplies. EVERY joint. Supplies who? THE BODY. If you are prophetic you need to be supplying the body. We are useless as a wing without being attached to a plane. Sure, I can see your potential. Yeah, that was an awesome revelation!

God DOES speak to you powerfully, you have an incredible gift. You have POTENTIAL! That’s right, potential, because until you are functioning in the prophetic, i.e. making someone’s life better, it is a waste.

Sometimes, we think that we have to be important in order to be significant. Important means special in and of myself. Significant is about my contribution to others.

When God gave me this dream it was a huge blow to my pride. I thought I was all that

That is part of why I am blogging. We are given light, so that others can see light.

So that we can work together to go places.

Because we don’t,


cartoon plane






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