are we going somewhere?

In this dream I was in a huge airplane hangar. It was a flight museum. There were examples of all the various kinds of planes over the years. You could go on some of them and see the changes that had occurred.

I boarded one. All the tray tables were down in every seat. The tray tables were what was being showcased. The rows of them seemed to go on for miles. How exciting, how wonderful that you could feed people on a plane! I am old enough to remember when you did not get a meal on the plane. My dad was in the airforce and I was given a paper box with a sandwich in it and I thought that was pretty cool!  The advent of tray tables and warm food was exciting in its day. I digress…

Some of the seats on the plane in my dream were filled, many more were empty. The people sitting were overfed The novelty of feeding people in flight in and of itself turned to sadness and boredom. What’s the big deal about this? This isn’t exciting!

INSTANTLY I am in the cockpit of a very small plane and am looking at a very old flight panel. I can see our destination and exclaim, The Arctic Circle! Now THIS is exciting!  END of dream.

This dream, as well, is self-explanatory. What I thought to myself as I wrote it down: I want to feed the hungry not the full.

The church is, for the most part, either overfed, or empty.

Where is the life?  Go there. If you don’t see it; ask God what you are meant to do.  If you would like to partner with a ministry in the north, Bill Prankard Ministries has a project “Arctic Hope”, indeed all their projects are worthy of your support.


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