About me

I NEED to communicate. You are probably reading this page for the same reason! To speak, to listen, to read, to learn, to know and be known not just by my fellow human beings but in my relationship with God which means more to me than anything.

My internal world has always been a large and welcoming place where I could retreat. What began as a coping mechanism has been turned into an asset. As a young child I returned to the library weekly and would check out the maximum number of books. I read as voraciously as I ate and words were my friends.

Stories took me away to another world then but now they are the tool I use to define my world. Have you heard that line “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”? What if the thoughts of our heart, contemplated and written and shared could have an altering effect for the better?

Change who we are and how we act, in effect re-framing our world?

There you have a taste, a tidbit of who I consider myself to be, somewhat of a mystic. The more practical aspects, a baby boomer, an air force brat, a mother of a most loving and beautiful woman. I call her my angel and she has truly been that to me.