what if?

I attended the Eyes and Wings Prophetic Conference for 2018 in Vernon.

One of the simplest, and inspiring things happened one morning during Lance Wallnau.

All of a sudden he said,” OK. Everyone who feels they are called to the media mountain go this corner of the room”, as he pointed the way. Slowly people made their way to their spot. He kept encouraging and more came.

He started calling for people to join others in the mountain of culture they were inspired to change. .

Arts. beside media, closely related with Entertainment. Next to them what he called the White Papers, the brains, Education. The people called to fund scholars to become PhD’s  to write the papers that the people in the Politics mountain need to support their mobilization of the public to sway votes for the change  in Government.

Each group formed in a different section of the room. Business, Family and Religion as well. 

To tell the truth I do not remember the size of the groups; which was largest.

There were a fair amount of people in the middle who did not know which mountain they were called to influence.  That was good. They were there to support the rest of us and be the foundation the base, the supporters, the mass, the movement.

Lance Wallnau had each group in the room wave their hands to create a wave. Not a new technique but it was an awesome visual for me.

What we can do TOGETHER!

What if?

What if those who feel called to influence media got together to discuss how it could happen. What their gifts are, what their dream is. And help each other do it! I bet we would find more than one person with the same vision.

Then you have a core.

A beginning.

I had a vision of the leaders at Battleford Revival being like Generals holding up a seine in front of a Tsunami wave coming from the west.

Could the network of the seine represent the collaboration of all the areas of influence JOINING?  Providing a place for the new harvest to come to, nest in, be found?

I don’t know about you, but that excites me!

How many of you want to see a christian radio station in Kelowna?

Are the entrepreneurs being supported

I think all of us have been like the young man in the pictue I attached to this post. Alone.

Stop looking up at the mountain  and look around for the people!



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