The New Normal?

These are interesting times. So many voices. Sorry I should say some voices, many echoes. They rebound off each other producing a deafening cacophony. They are charged with emotion producing doubt and fear.

Something else is going on inside of me. I hear a different voice.

God has been speaking, and to the opposite effect. Peace and joy. I bring you a message of hope.

He speaks to me in dreams and from the bible. He speaks through that still small voice. The messages are telling me that He, in spite of the sickness and heartache is doing something new. He has not authored the chaos but He is using it. Most of our supports have been taken away and we are in our individual homes with time on our hands. God is birthing something new in this time of separation!

I can hear Him asking, “what are you going to do?”

“Will you spend more time with me?”

“Are you willing to come out of this a different person?” 

I must answer that I am willing for Him to do any and everything to my heart that He needs to do to change me.

If each of us were more yielded to God this world could be a different place.  

Every news channel is talking about the new normal. That this virus and the restrictions required to contain it is our new normal.

What if God was dismantling dead traditions and bringing new life? What if there were power in the church?  Could that be our new normal?

Lord let us have answered prayers

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