As the Dew in the morning…

Have you ever walked in your barefeet on the dew soaked grass in the early morning? We learned in grade 6 science how the dew was created but there was nothing like walking in it to experience the wonder of it.

There is a way the Lord speaks that feels just like this. The Holy Spirit settles almost imperceptibly and so quietly. It feels as if He is coming both from inside and upon me. I get a super focused concentrated and yet relaxed feeling.  

Then the word is just there. He has spoken and I know just what He has said without trying to perceive it.

I have often wanted to hear the word of the Lord like others hear and speak the voice of the Lord as others speak. Like fire and thunder and crackles of electricity. I have heard that way occasionally but for the most part it is like I have just described to you.  

It blooms. Like the dew.

This is probably not news to you and you have experienced the Presence and voice of the Lord in this manner. Perhaps it is just a description to which you relate. Is this the primary way you hear from God? Have  you wished you heard from God differently than the way you do?

In these days of demand for super-charged electric words from God is there a place for the quiet distillation of the Holy Spirit? Let us listen for the many waters of the voice of God. He speaks in many ways, let us hear them all! Let’s walk in the grass, let’s wait for His word!

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