The Glory of God is Goodness

I am re-posting this because of another experience very similar to the one that I wrote about here in a post titled The Intercessor, back in March. In the same prayer meeting just this week,  the glory of God manifested itself as His goodness. We reminded each other of Moses asking God to see His glory and God’s response that He would make all His GOODNESS pass before Him.

We remembered David saying that because the Lord was his shepherd he knew that GOODNESS would follow him all the days of his life. Goodness before, and goodness behind, is an experience, a demonstration of the meaning of what it is to walk in the Spirit. For He who has freely given us His Son will also freely give us all things and just as we received Him we must continue in Him. Romans 8: 32 and Colossians 2:6 The Lord is saying that we need to continue to CHOOSE to walk in His glory, which is to experience His GOODNESS.

What does it look like to continue in Him, just as we received Him?  Did we earn our salvation? No, we just had to choose to believe it and receive it. That is how we continue to walk in the Spirit,we choose to receive Him. It means freedom but not free licence. It means the narrow path, forsaking all things, and yet experiencing abundance of all good things, because they are all found in HIM. We walk a narrow trail but in the enlarged place of the promised land.

Original Post We were four women, standing together in a lovely living room. I had belted out a song of praise that bubbled up from my belly. We were drawn before the throne of God. I hope it translates to you on the page, but I saw the goodness of God pass before me. His majesty, His justice, goodness and mercy. It was an unending mercy. Then revelation struck. It is because He is love He always raised up prophets to remind Him and plead with Him to act within His character.

He called out a man or woman to come to know Him, as His friend.

That friend, because of such intimacy with Him, was shown God’s heart of mercy and was given the job of acting out His heart to His people.


I have not often thought about Habakkuk as God’s friend.

He knew God’s heart of mercy.

In fact, Habakkuk reminds me of Job

Both knew that when justice demanded punishment, mercy demanded compassion.

Look at  Habakkuk 3 verse 2

“Lord, I have heard of your fame. I stand in awe of your deeds”.

Compare that with Job 42: 5

“I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear; But now my eye sees You

6 Therefore I retract, And I repent in dust and ashes.”

Both speak of an awesome God in front of whom none can stand.

Both saw that they could still make their case for mercy

The fact that they even asked for mercy reveals this understanding that they knew that God desired to give it

Am I talking about two distinct things here, experiencing the glory and goodness of God, and repentance and intercession? They are very much linked. To know God’s goodness is to come to Him boldly asking for mercy.

This is our task as intercessors, as prophets and most importantly as the friends of God, to know and act out God’s heart to the world. From this place of basking in His glory and goodness we have authority to dispense it to others in intercession.










2 thoughts on “The Glory of God is Goodness

  1. Hi Lynn! My name is Lynn, too!! 🙂 This aligns with everything I am seeing, praying, reading, and contemplating this morning! I love this and what you shared here. Prior to reading your blog, I had just read an email from The Praying Medic about inviting the Glory to come and rest over us, and that being when God creates and does miracles–while we just rest in Presence of His GLORY–and GOODNESS…versus our own efforts. Wow. Then last night was reading David Herzog book on the Glory Cloud. And when we see it appear, we can learn how to draw on its resources–wow!! Fullness of Joy in His Presence. Ecellent post. So hungry for His Goodness and grateful for and loving every moment in Him. Bless you and hope you have an absolutely Glorious Day. 💖


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