There are times you don’t prophesy

I saw the body of Christ plowing with great difficulty in the field of labor. Finally our plow seemed to hit a stump in the field, and we couldn’t go any further. With all our efforts and praying, this stump remained unmovable and steadfast. Our hearts were broken, for we knew God had placed us here to plow in this great field of harvest.
But this “stump” in the field was stopping us.

I then heard the Lord say, “You have hit treasure! This is no ordinary stump of an ordinary tree. You have just hit the base of the tree of Calvary. It’s the cross growing in your field! You must not, I repeat, you must not remove it. It is growing in your field to remove you out of the way from hindering My harvest. You will have to embrace this cross and die before I can release resurrection power into your field of labor.”

As we beheld the cross growing in our field, we began to experience a severe pruning in our spiritual giftings, especially in the area of the prophetic. He was cutting and pruning us back to bring forth a surer word. He was adjusting our gifts, callings and ministries to bring forth the fruit of servanthood in our lives. I heard the Lord say, “Your giftings are showing more than your fruit. You are embarrassing Me!”
I then remembered right before the cross—they beat on Jesus and cried out to Him, “Prophesy to us!” But He didn’t. There are times you don’t prophesy—you just show others how to die: to self, giftings and plans.
As we embrace the cross, death and surrender will bring forth fruit that will remain to bring in the harvest. In fact, fruit is the harvest; it will bring it in. In Italy, they have discovered that grape vines produce more fruit when grown on cross-like poles. They get more sunshine and fresh air.
Many are spiritually “stumped” in their lives, families and ministries this hour. They feel they are at a crossroads and are looking for a fresh word from heaven to tell them what to do. Many are asking, “Lord, should I go this way or that way?” But I sense the Lord saying, “Go this way: Spread out your arms.
You are not at a crossroads; you are at the cross!”
Have you been betrayed? You are nearing your cross.
Have you been rejected? You are getting closer.
Don’t run now. If you miss your crucifixion—you will miss your resurrection!
-Bill Yount

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