Beloved Servant

There once was a woman who was employed by a family. She lived with them and had her needs provided for, as long as she went to the river once a week to get water. It became known in the village that she sought permission to take extra trips to the river. It was believed that she was doing this to make herself more valuable to her employer.

There was a different reason she wanted to go to the river. It was there that she went alone to meet with her Beloved. Her story changed. The river no longer represented the means to make her living but her very reason for existence so deep was the fellowship she experienced with the Lover of her soul.

This is the story of the leadership of the church today. They have been employees who provided water to the family of God once a week. This is no longer enough. God is calling them to move from servanthood to beloved. From slavery to the needs of man to intimacy with God Himself.

God is giving an invitation or leaders to spend more time in His Presence. To become their very reason for existence. To spend enough time in front of the burning bush that they become firebrands


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