A Resting Place

I have a theme song for my life. It is as the title of this blog post, a Vineyard song called A Resting Place. Go to a place where you can have quiet to listen and let the words be the call of your heart.

Resting Place – Brian Doerksen (Lyrics) – YouTube

As I was resting in this song this morning, I had a vision. I was in the middle of a room washing the floor. A circle of light was flooding the place where I was cleaning but outside the circle and around the corners of the room there was darkness and clutter.

I felt Him ask, “Is this how you would prepare your place if you where expecting a visit from Royalty? Would you want them to have to step over things and stay only within the clean circle of the floor you have made for them in your home? Not prepare for them a place to sit and REST? Would you not clean right into the corners? I want to fill you entirely with My Presence and to do that you must allow me in to the places where My light has yet to shine”. Imagine a spiritual life that is like a physical room that is only cleaned in the middle and not the corners. The Lord is Light and no impurity can be found in Him. 1 John 1:5 This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.

The Lord makes clean the place where He rests. We must first give Him permission to enter. There is so much more light He wants to bring!

In his book, “The Resting Place” Bill Johnson states, “God will allow us to carry as much of His Presence as we are willing to jealously guard.” He was talking about the manifested Presence of God. The shown, displayed, exhibited, the demonstrated Presence of God.


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