This post of almost a year ago was brought to my mind in prayer this morning. I feel there is still a need to hear it. We automatically block out anything that remotely sounds negative with no searching out in the scripture or prayer for the truth that may be found in it. Listen for the voice of God in the words you resist. We say that a prophetic word must bring life but that must include correction.


I reveal my age again

Many will probably not be able to hear the sound of that Paul Simon song.

gives us the nice bright colours, gives us the greens of summers,

makes all the world like a sunny day, oh yah, I got a Nikon camera

I love to take a photograph…

We have digital cameras now.

I have discovered and have confirmed by other sources that a camera often represents the prophetic. All kinds of analogies I could go into, but not here and now.

I just want to talk about light and negatives. Pardon me, while I pull in a section of a dream.


I am  going on a missions trip. People planning which tourist sites they will go instead of asking God where they are to go. I  walk in to a meeting and march right up to the front and deliver a confronting warning…

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