Whole Lot of Shaking

God has been shaking things up. Corruption is being exposed everywhere in political systems and in the church. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken so that which cannot be shaken will remain. I had a prophetic word in January that the Lord was going to use a spiritual tsunami to crack Canada open like a nut.

You can read it here west coast wave

Today I see a huge oak barrel that has been torn in two, with jagged edges on each side as if it had been torn apart with hands. In one half of the barrel a school of fish were huddling together as if trying to enclose themselves again. I hear the Lord say I have cracked you open. What was prophesied in January has begun.

The shaking He is doing in the church is cracking open the old “containers”. Old systems, and denominational lines are coming down.  We are supposed to swim out into the rest of the ocean and not huddle together in that same container. When the Lord has broken apart something why try to stay in it? Yet we resist change, we try to hold on to our old systems, we huddle together wanting to build the oak barrel around us for protection against the big bad world.

Many pastors have used the allegory about fishing in a barrel. They discuss from the pulpit that Christians meander from church to church. There are not many new converts coming to the Lord. The people they see added to their church are not new to the faith but transfers.

Remember the early church? The upper room was shaken and the disciples became apostles. They went out with boldness and the church multiplied into the world.

Things are shaking and the Lord is cracking Canada open to revival. He is cracking open the barrel of the church. For those who have ears to ear. It is time to allow Him to break down that which is not useful to us anymore. It is time to follow Him into this new thing. Lets stay close enough to Him to hear His whisper and GO OUT! What part do you play?


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