We need to talk

“We need to talk”  Code for something is wrong with our relationship.

Does it have to be?

I had a prophetic word that I would write a book that would be like conversations or letters to God. I started it about a week ago.

We need to talk. A serious need for conversations with Him not because there is something wrong but He is my Person. My Go-to. There is nothing held back in our talks. He gets it all, the good, the bad, the ugly. I want you to know that freedom. That acceptance.

I have struggled with a severe depressive disorder. I discovered for myself the truth of the quote from Corrie ten Boom, “There is no pit too deep that He is not deeper still.” There is no place where I can go that He is not already there.

Sometimes when we talk about falling in love with someone we can describe that this person “gets me” as in they understand and unconditionally accept our foibles and faults. This is just a dim reflection of the possibilities that await your relationship with God! Perhaps you already experience it.

God has the superpower of x-ray vision. He doesn’t scan for what is wrong in order to reject us like some assembly line robot that rejects the imperfect. He created us in love and sees us through that lens.

I wish I could actively pass on to you what I know about this through the articulation of these words. God really does love you. He is not looking to restrain you with religion, but captivate you with a twinkle of love in His eyes that is breathtaking. Fireworks. It is not a limp love. It is stronger than a “I would walk five hundred miles, and I would walk five hundred more, just to be the man who falls down at your door” kind of love. Its a give everything kind of love.

Whether you are in a relationship or you are not, you know the hunger for love. Sometimes that hunger is met in a partner and sometimes not. Another person can make you aware of needs that they can’t meet.

It’s different with Jesus. When He makes you aware of a need He can meet it. At any level. Listen to the song I have posted below and open your heart to this amazing love.

The reckless love of God



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