Going deeper

I was in the passenger seat while an unidentified woman was driving. We have let two people out of the car, but they don’t know where they are going. She tells me to make signals with my left hand to direct them to go left. All of a sudden she takes the same sharp let turn and drives into the open glass entrance of the building  and yells jump!  I jump and grab onto an almost hidden handle in a track with my left hand, but I have a key in it so when it contacts, shocks go up my arm. I grab another track with my right hand, each track takes us down another level of the building. It is scary, and I am sure I am going to fall, but we make it. We are deep into the subterranean levels of the building. We walk down a hallway of shiny marble floors. I see very steep flights of stairs and I am glad I did not have to take those down. Yet now there is an elevator which we take up to a penthouse office. There are lots of people, in little groups sitting on the floor and furniture, all praying in tongues. I go over to the very large window which has a plush window seat. There is a baby standing up against it, praying in tongues as well. I go to him, as I am kind of curious about this. I put my hand on the baby, praying as well. Benny Hinn has been circling the room, overseeing; he comes over to me with his wife. He puts his hand on my chest, praying in tongues. Then he stops to tell his wife, don’t worry honey, I do this all the time, I am just drawing it out of her. I do this with every assignment. When I woke up I heard, on the right hand and on the left.

Interpretation notes: The unidentified woman in my dream I have often, represents Holy Spirit. I had to listen and obey to change direction quickly, be ready to jump. the key was in my left hand, which means something.  I had to go down to go up. Big window: prophetic Baby praying in tongues: acceleration. To me, when I think of Benny Hinn,  I think of his first book, Good Morning Holy Spirit which focuses on becoming friend of the Holy Spirit and working closely with Him.

A note about left-handed warriors: Stories can be found in beginning and ending of Judges. Most likely men trained in battle by having their right arms bound tightly so that they could only use their left arms and thus, have an advantage over the enemy.

The Lord has been speaking to us about going deeper with Him. When we go deeper we will go higher. I believe the ‘deeper’ is in prayer and also in an attitude of humility. It is the humble who are allowed to ascend to the hill of the Lord, both His Presence and Power.



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