Dream: Not as she appears

I am on a bus speaking with a very handsome athletic man. A woman gets on the bus who is very interested in the man and as a result, is very angry with me. I talk with her for a very long time seeking to break through her anger.

angryfold (2)

I manage to win her over, convincing her that I am just as interested in a relationship with her as I am with him.

The difference in the expression on her face from the beginning of the conversation to the end is INCREDIBLE. The level of anger and ferocity that had been in her face is beyond explanation. I never would have guessed it to be possible that beyond that anger was such thirst.

She had not had the experience of being befriended! She did not know even what that looked  like and she discovered her hunger for it during our conversation. I had to reveal her own thirst for relationship to her and I did it by convincing her that I wanted it with her no matter her response.

Oh, how much like the Lord it is to stand by us when we have our arms crossed over our chests so hurt from our own experience. Convinced we are unloved, that others only have selfish motives, even God.

I Corinthians 9: 19 Now, even though I am free from obligations to others I joyfully make myself a servant to all in order to win as many converts as possible. 20 I became Jewish to the Jewish people in order to win them to the Messiah. I became like one under the law to gain the people who were stuck under the law, even though I myself am not under the law. 21 And to those who are without the Jewish laws, I became like them, as one without the Jewish laws, in order to win them, although I’m not outside the law of God but under the law of Christ. 22 I became “weak” to the weak to win the weak. I have adapted to the culture of every place I’ve gone[q] so that I could more easily win people to Christ. 23 I’ve done all this so that I would become God’s partner for the sake of the gospel.

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