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way to go Miss Brooks. lovely!




I recently did what’s called a “Speaking Fast”

I took 3 days to not speak.

I did it for a few different reasons.

The first would be why one usually does a fast- because I’m hungry for God. I want to hear His voice more, believe what He says about me more, and ultimately be more surrendered to Him.

Another reason is that I didn’t realize it, but I thought to speak was one of my greatest assets (perhaps my greatest).

“I may not be the smartest, funniest, or most anointed but I sure can say some nice stuff”.

(real life thoughts)

I’m encouraging, empathetic, commanding, and articulate. I know this to be true about myself. But I think those attributes started to take too much ground on my identity. This fast put that to the fire. “What if you can’t add a meaningful thought-provoking comment to the conversation?” or “what if…

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