the power of the tongue

art by gitte wilson


The feature image on the link for this post reminds me of the power of words in pen and prophecy. It could be a fire, or it could reflect beauty.

The bible says the power of death and life is in the tongue.

There are so many ways this happens of which we are unaware.

I draw your attention to our casual use of the word amen.

I think it is a religious habit that means little these days. Apparently, especially in church, most of us believe we can use it alternately for yes! I agree!

This would be such a restricted, nominal expression of the meaning of the word. In fact it’s meaning cannot be defined so narrowly. I myself, could not propose a contemporary synonym. I am going to attempt to broaden our understanding of it’s appropriate use.

Strongs’ Concordance states that “amen” is not simply a reference to agreement with something, as in, yes, I agree.

This connotes that one not only confirms the words of another, but also expresses a wish or desire for the fulfillment of that person’s desires or predictions. 

Understanding of this meaning causes me to wince sometimes when I hear the word amen scattered indiscriminately during sermons. Why so? Because it minimizes the power of the word for the good. It is an improper use of the word for the bad.

For us to say ‘amen’ when someone discusses a negative behaviour of north American liberal culture or even of the body of Christ today, is to say, ” so let it be, let it continue”!

I believe this use of the word amen as an agreement with the occurrence of a negative situation or attitude to be a curse. A reinforcement of the statement that preceded it.

It is like someone saying, “It is so dark” and a voice responding “let the dark be dark!”

Why so nit-picky? Not my intention.

I have a fire in me for all of us to understand the power of our words. Let us be intentional in our choices of their use and not a religious habit.

Perhaps ‘Captain Picard’ had an understanding of the potential for the use of the word ‘amen’, when he responded “make it so” to a suggested course of action. A military term which was used in imperative voice.

Used properly agreement, or ‘amen’ could be a power we knowingly and intentionally harness.

What I bring to light is the unbelief that our words have power.

Many of us could quote chapter and verse about it.

But we don’t act as if.

We dont act as if it were true.

Because the time is short let us be careful to redeem the time, even the few seconds lost in agreeing with that which we should not agree.


You have the power to use words that will build. Encourage, comfort, cheer-on, exhort.

Let your focus be on the light not the dark. Let it be on the solution, not the problem.





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