Dream: I was on construction scaffolding; I was adjusting a brick capstone, lining it up flush to the top of the wall. It had the name and logo of the business and the one brick took up the entire length of the building. Someone was with me, watching. Clumps of brick and mortar were falling as it came into place. I called out a warning, “Falling bricks” The person beside me laughed when I said it. ” Why do you bother doing that? the bricks will hit the ground before your warning will! ” I went on to explain that the outcome of the warning was not my concern, but to do so was my responsibility. END

This is a very simple parable. The responsibility of a prophet to warn does not depend on whether the people receive it in time or whether they respond appropriately by clearing the area. If you were to suggest to someone in the construction business that there not be a warning sounded when loads are dropped; I am sure they would be incredulous. It is part of the job.

Thus Samuel grew and the Lord was with him and let none of his words [c]fail. Sometimes, people laugh when we sound a warning. They suggest that it is pointless, perhaps too late for that warning to be effective. After all, we are exaggerating the possible effect of a few drops of mortar. Can you hear the derision of an enemy that is not flesh and blood?

1 Samuel 3 tells us about a prophet; when he began hearing from the Lord. His first word was a warning to his mentor Eli, and Samuel was afraid to give it. Because he is obedient, and tells Eli what he heard, leaving nothing out,  it says in verse 19  “Thus Samuel grew and the Lord was with him and let none of his words fall to the ground.” This was another way of saying, God did not allow Samuel’s words to fail, they all came to pass and his call as a prophet was established.

As it said in the dream, the outcome is not my responsibility, only the calling out of the warning.

Whether you are one who is giving a warning or one who is standing by when someone else is sounding it out, please do not laugh or belittle, but listen for God.




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