the necklace

I am wandering through a public market full of booths selling food, clothing, jewelry, spices, just about everything one might be looking for. It feels like I am myself, in my own attire but that the setting of the dream is “biblical times”. The people are in middle eastern attire, the town square full of tents and dusty streets.

I am walking with one hand held out in front of me, tightly holding a necklace. I am completely focused on that necklace, guarding it, as if to do so was safer than to wear it. I could keep track of it and could fight if someone tried to take it from me. My hand was sweaty, and I held tightly to the gold chain with a large pink coral pendant.

At this point a young boy came up to me, “You are supposed to wear it”, He said, and gently took it from my hand. Walking around behind me, He placed the necklace on my neck and fastened it.pinknecklaceI immediately felt free from the fear someone could take it. “The necklace is meant to be displayed and owned, not held in your hand like a trophy someone might steal” Joy filled my heart and I could just wear it and forget it. I could walk like I owned it! END

I prayed about this dream. I researched pink coral. Be careful when you do research, as you can be led down rabbit holes of mythology and trails of new age space matter! I found Barbie Breathitt’s book on dream interpretation and symbols to be helpful with this. She had a whole paragraph on the significance about the colour pink and the gem coral. She found it to represent purity, clarity, transformation and revelation knowledge.

Putting it together.

I was given the necklace as a gift and I was not to hold on to hold on tightly. Surely you have not been tempted to hold on to a revelation God has given to you in such a way?? Like a trophy. God spoke thus and so to me, that means I am a worthy human being! God speaks to us because we are in relationship with Him:)

Also, a good observation, while I was holding on to the necklace like that, my hand could not be used to do something else! Praying about it I felt like the young boy was Jesus going about His father’s business when His mother was looking for Him all around the marketplace. What was the perspective on the prophetic of this pure, young man? He was focused on the purpose of that moment and His  advice was “wear it and forget it”.

Let other people look at it they want.  You just to get about your Father’s business.

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