follow me

I see the Lord walking down a street telling me to follow Him. He turns around to see if I am following. He whispers to my spirit this question,” When you follow me; are you in plain view of others or am I being followed as one who is under surveillance?”

You know what I mean. Am I being followed by someone who is trying not to be seen? Walking quietly along the dark edges on the street so as not to give away your location. Pausing in doorways when you get too close so that you will not be “made”. Do I have a tail on Me? If you walked in such a way could you call yourself a leader?beingfollowed

1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul says. “Follow me as I follow Christ”

He is saying that you can trust me to lead you because I follow Christ. You can imitate me because I imitate Christ AND, he is saying that you will be ABLE to follow him because Paul is in plain sight to follow.

Jesus whispers to me that He has been with me in the secret place. I have come to Him like Nicodemus at night. But He has called me to be a leader. That means that I must step out into plain view.

If I am to be followed, then people need to be able to see me. Simple, huh? 

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